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NIT Jamshedpur

Who we are?

The Training & Placement Cell, NIT Jamshedpur facilitates the process of placement of students passing out from the Institute besides collaborating with leading organizations and institutes in setting up of internship and training program of students. The office liaises with various industrial establishments, corporate houses etc which conduct campus interviews and select graduate and post-graduate students from all disciplines. The Training & Placement Cell provides the infra-structural facilities to conduct group discussions, tests and interviews besides catering to other logistics. The Office interacts with many industries in the country, of which nearly 100+ companies visit the campus for holding campus interviews. The industries which approach the institute come under the purview of:Core Engineering industries IT & IT enabled services, ,Manufacturing Industries Consultancy Firms, Finance Companies, Management Organisations, R & D laboratories.
The placement season runs through the course of the year commencing the last week of July through to June. Pre-Placement Talks are also conducted in this regard as per mutual convenience. Job offers, dates of interviews, selection of candidates etc. are announced through the Training & Placement Cell. The Placement Office is assisted by a committee comprising representatives of students from the under-graduate and post-graduate engineering streams. The committee evolves a broad policy framework every year besides a set of rules which are inviolable. Students members are closely co-opted in implementing these policy decisions.

Message From Director

National lnstitute of Technology, Jamshedpur, one of the institutes of national importance, has been successful in carving a niche for itself in the list of educational institutions imparting technological education to the youth of the country. This cradle of excellence has the mission to impart quality education and encourage research opportunities in the country. Our institute is renowned across the whole country because of its brilliant history of serving as the alma mater of some of the brightest and most successful torchbearers of the country. Every year, our students are selected by most of the leading companies in the country, many of which are MNCs. The distinguished faculty, meritorious students, well equipped classrooms and laboratories and most importantly, continually monitored and revised undergraduate and post graduate programs incorporating the most recent technological, management and humanistic theories and practices have been the features which have resulted in our institute being ranked amongst one of the top institutions in the country. Moreover, the exemplary placement record till date contributes to the reinforcement of its brand image of a major technology hub. We will continue to work towards our vision of chiselling the best engineers of the country and the world. We commit ourselves to work for a better future and we hope to keep earning numerous honours and accolades from the whole nation for our march towards the zenith.

Prof. Karunesh Kumar Shukla
NIT Jamshedpur

Message From Professor Incharge

Dear Recruiters, I extend a cordial invitation for the Placement program at NIT Jamshedpur. NIT offers recruiters access to a unique bouquet of budding technical minds. Our students constitute the top performers in JEE Mains and are selected after one of the most rigorous admission processes across country. The breadth of talent available here is unparalled across India, making it the campus-of-choice for its recruiters. The distinguished faculty ,bright students along with a unique course structure create a perfect environment for the development of future technical and managerial leaders. I assure you that your expectations will not just be met but will be surpassed substantially. NIT Jamshedpur has been known for giving future leaders to the Industry in India as well as abroad. Warm Wishes and Regards.

Prof. Anil Kumar Choudhary
Professor Incharge,TAP Cell
NIT Jamshedpur

Placement Statistics 2019

The above graph shows the range of placement packages in our institute. You can see a substantial number of packages greater than 10 lakh p.a. which can be viewed as dream packages anywhere.
  •     CE:    60
  •     CSE:    89
  •     ECE:    85
  •     EEE:    78
  •     ME:    79
  •     MME:    89
  •     PIE:    81
The above graph shows the placement percentage of the eligible candidates at the institute. The remaining students were the ones who decided to pursue furthur studies and joined prestigious institutions throughout the world.
The above graph shows the number of students with one, two and three placement offers respectively. The best students from the institute got more than one offer from different companies.
  • CE:11.000
  • CSE:38.000
  • ECE:22.000
  • EEE:39.020
  • MCA:7.500
  • ME:10.110
  • MME:15.000
  • MSC:8.000
  • MTECH:17.700
  • PIE:14.680
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Our process is straight forward, simple, & successful.


The Placement Office sends invitations to the companies/organisations along with the relevant information along with the placement brochure


After the company's conformation mail/call , Placement office sends Job Application form to the companies with the relevant information


After recieving the filled JAF from the companies , the PPT dates are finalized and the meeting dates are scheduled.


The company is given access to all the applications along with their resumes for shortlisting.Then the company orgnanizes recruitment drive to select students.


Organizations visit the campus on the selected day and conduct tests/interviews according to their selection procedure.


The company/organization has to furnish the final results as soon as possible after the completion of the selection procedure.



Prof. Anil Kumar Choudhary

Professor Incharge,TAP Cell

Dr. Manish Kr. Jha

Faculty Coordinator,TAP Cell

Dr. Vineet Sahu

Faculty Coordinator,TAP Cell

Dr. Tushar Banerjee

Faculty Coordinator,TAP Cell

Team Members

UG Members

  • Krishna Kant

    Civil Engineering
    Phone: 9110944308

  • Manish Kumar Gupta

    Civil Engineering
    Phone: 9113318645

  • Ayush Dubey

    Computer Science and Engineering
    Phone: 9140735086

  • Amit Bahir

    Computer Science and Engineering
    Phone: 9123155823

  • Rishi Raj

    Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    Phone: 7488423972

  • Parijat Jha

    Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    Phone: 9304096784

  • Shubham Kumar Singh

    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Phone: 7488690897

  • Jagadeeshwar Sayaboina

    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Phone: 9304366383

  • Md Sajid Perwaiz

    Mechanical Engineering
    Phone: 7677723906

  • Aman Raj

    Mechanical Engineering
    Phone: 8709883116

  • Abhinav Bhardwaj

    Metallurgical and materials engineering
    Phone: 8319149768

  • Shashank Singh

    Metallurgical and materials engineering
    Phone: 9870990236

  • Abhinabh Biswas

    Production and Industrial Engineering
    Phone: 8709304653

  • Muvva Jaya Teja

    Production And Industrial Engineering
    Phone: 9182547035

  • Shashank Singh

    Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
    Phone: 9870990236

PG Members

  • Niraj Kumar

    Communication System
    Phone: 8092814124

  • Mayank Kumar Ghosh

    Computer Integrated Design And Manufacturing
    Phone: 7978340824

  • Tayyab Hussain

    Computer Science And Engineering
    Phone: 9929207720

  • Manjula

    Computer Science And Engineering
    Phone: 8210139067

  • Priyanka Joshi

    Embedded Systems
    Phone: 7991835581

  • Himanshu Kumar

    Energy System
    Phone: 7004401359

  • Ankit Goel

    Geotechnical Engineering
    Phone: 8918193044

  • Yadavendra Pratap

    Geotechnical Engineering
    Phone: 8789438292

  • Harish Gavel

    Information System Security Engineering
    Phone: 9575466833

  • Uzra Rahman

    Information System Security Engineering
    Phone: 8707386992

  • Arpita Panigrahy

    Manufacturing System Engineering
    Phone: 7008426416

  • Abhishek Sarwan

    Phone: 8586876838

  • Nisha Sharma

    Phone: 7976041893

  • Bharat Aggarwal

    Phone: 8860910070

  • Shaili Shaw

    Power Electronics And Drives
    Phone: 8583978231

  • Kumar Shubham

    Power System Engineering
    Phone: 8348589280

  • Rahul Kumar Das

    Structural Engineering
    Phone: 9022551389

  • Konda Veeresh

    Structural Engineering
    Phone: 8332032879

  • Shubham Pattanayak

    Phone: 8763844067

  • Srishti Mishra

    Water Resource Engineering
    Phone: 7050246088